Couples / Families
Crises and difficulties are often manifestations of the need for change. The accompaniment takes into account each actor in this process of change.

Techniques aimed at the well-being of the person using specific breathing (hyperventilation) combined with the power of music.

Learning disabilities
Does your child have any learning and / or attention deficit related to his or her precociousness? I propose modern and humanistic methods to move forward together.

The goal of a coaching program (10 to 12 hours on average), is to push you to react in order to turn your dreams and projects into reality.

Gestalt is based on a global vision of man. It promotes authentic contact with the surroundings and encourages body and emotional feelings.

Rebirth workshops
Workshops for young adults
Workshops for teenagers

Over 30 years of my adult life have been dedicated to working with others in their quest for personal development and well-being. Whether this be as an assistant in a Mind day center in the UK or therapist and coach in my private practice in France or working as a coach and consultant in companies and at the EMLYON  Business school.

My private practice includes working with adults, children, couples and families in my offices in the 5th district of  Lyon and in St. Genis Laval where the emphasis is on trust, respect and quality.

Would you like a first contact by phone or Skype?

Consultations made easier for those living far away or who travel a lot