Over 30 years of my adult life have been dedicated to working with others in their quest for personal development and well-being. Whether this be as an assistant in a Mind day center in the UK or working as a coach and consultant in companies & at University Lyon 3 & EMLYON.

My private practice includes working with adults, children, couples and families in my offices in Harrogate, Yorkshire or online where the emphasis is on trust, respect and quality.

This site is designed to give you an insight into the different methods used in therapy (see dedicated page) :

Gestalt, E.F.T., Psychodrama, Psycho genealogy, Rebirth and Coaching

Though above all is my ability to be with you, to see you as a whole person and for us to work together towards you living a healthy and happy life.

Have a stroll around this website and do contact me for any further help I might be able to offer!


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