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As a Supervisor and Clinical Psychotherapist, over 35 years of my adult life have been dedicated to working with others in their quest for personal development and well-being.

My private practice includes working with adults, children, couples and families in my offices in Harrogate, Yorkshire & Lyon, France or online where the emphasis is on offering a safe environment for trust, respect and quality.

Curious by nature and committed to keeping astride with the developments in research in Psychotherapy, I enjoy adding new skills to my work as a Psychotherapist and today can accompany a wide variety of needs:

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Trauma Management, Bereavement, Addictive Behaviour, Eating disorders, Anger & Emotion Management, Couples Counselling, Expatriation, Life Changes, Confidence Building, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Issues.

Though above all is my ability to be with you, to see you as a whole person and for us to work together towards you living a healthy and happy life.

Have a stroll around this website and do contact me for any further help I might be able to offer!


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